Summit Background

With the gradually development of global economy, especially from the emerging economies including China, the global demand for petrochemical products continue to increase. But under the complex international trade environment, fierce competition and the improvement of global environmental protection requirements, the primary focus of world petrochemical industry are shifting from the increase of total dimensions & output to more attention to the quality, efficiency and environmental friendship in the coming decades. Faced with new situation and challenges, only by actively participating and establishing an effective supply chain system, chemical enterprises can effectively reduce market risks.

With series of implementation of policies and regulations on environmental protection and safety supervision in the past year, chemical industry in China is facing changes, the related chemical logistics and supply chain system also should make new structural adjustment and chain construction, and establish more coordinated and effective cooperation at the same time. In the supply chain field, the ministry of commerce and other 8 departments jointly issued the Notice on the Implementation of Supply Chain Innovation and Application Pilot on April 10, 2018, proposing to carry out the pilot of supply chain innovation and application nationwide, with the implementation period of 2 years. On May 16, the ministry of commerce and the ministry of finance jointly issued the Notice on Launching the Construction of Modern Supply Chain System in Circulation Field in 2018, putting forward the general idea and goal of the construction of modern supply chain system in the circulation field.

Under the new policy and market environment, chemical supply chain industry is faced with many opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the integration and restructuring of the chemical industry and stricter supervision require enterprises to transform and upgrade, also reform and innovation. On the other hand, the whole supply chain industry in China is expected to usher in a golden period of development under the promotion of policies.

Under this background, 2019 Global Chemical Supply Chain (China) Summit will be held in Shanghai on 5th-6th December, which will bring together more than 300 participants, including government and industry associations, top 100 domestic and foreign chemical manufacturer, 3&4PLS, consulting agencies, software & equipment and other solution providers, to discuss opportunities and challenges in the new environment.



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