Conference Agenda

Day 1 Morning: Policy Interpretation: Opportunities and Challenges Coexist Under the New Situation

0730 Registration

0845 Day1 Chairman Opening Remarks

Supply Chain Innovation & Application under Current Economic Development Situation

0925 Taking the Lead in "The Second Half" of Internet by New Approach

1000 New Horizons for Global Petrochemical Market

1035 Tea Break

Compliance Management of Hazardous Chemicals Supply Chain in China

1135 How Cyber Tech and Big-Data Tech Enable Digitalization of Supply Chain Management?

1210 Lunch Buffet

Day 1 Afternoon: Chemical Supply Chain Industry Analysis and Development

1400 Digitalization in Chemical Logistics Practice

1420 CASE STUDY: Deeply Collaborating on Supply Chain and Establishing the Procurement Eco-system

1500 Together for Sustainability--The Chemical Initiative for Sustainable Supply Chains

1535 Tea Break

1610 Paradigm Shift in Supply Chain Management towards Differentiation and Segmentation Based on Multiple Operating Models

1645 Procurement 4.0 in the Context of Industry 4.0

1720 Panel Discussion: Experience Sharing on Supply Chain Development in Asia/China of Chemical Industry under Different Perspectives

1800 End of Day 1

Day 2 Morning: Be Ready for Digital Supply Chain

0845 Day2 Chairman Opening Remarks

0850 Connected World, Smart Supply Chain -- the FUTURE is NOW
Competing in the digital world requires more than a supply chain upgrade. Businesses must rethink operating models, organizations and processes to revolutionize the supply chain, making it more digital, smart, customized, rapid, efficient and responsive. The good news is that this is achievable when companies embrace a Supply Chain X.0 strategy.

0925 How to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Develop Supply Chain Vision under New Challenges?

1000 Scene-Driven Energization of Digitalization in Chemical Industry Chain

1035 Tea Break

How the Smart Database Connect to Business Intelligence on Liquid Chemical Cargo Transportation?

1135 Panel Discussion: During the Digital Transformation Process, How to Balance the Opportunities Brought by the Digital Age and the Challenges Brought by the Realities of Your Supply Chain?

1210 Lunch Buffet

Day 2 Afternoon: Key Influencing Factors

1410 Smart Supply Chain Innovation and Practice

1450 Digitalization Energize the Development of Chemical Industry

1530 How to Adjust Purchasing Strategy in the New Economic Environment?

1610 Tea Break

CASE STUDY: The Current Digital Development in AkzoNobel Logistics Function

1700 Supply Chain×Open Innovation

1725 Chairman Closing Remarks

1730 End of Conference


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