China National Chemical Information Centre (CNCIC)

China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC, formerly named as the Scientific and Technological Information Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) has a history of 60 years and is famous on the consulting research and information service among the domestic Chemical Industries. CNCIC devotes to optimizing the practice of consulting, compliance services, HSE service, IT service, E-commerce, competitive intelligence system, exhibition,publication, and provide excellent services for the business development of our clients.

Product Registration and Compliance Department of CNCIC has been following-up and studying the domestic and overseas relevant regulations and standards of chemical substance, pesticide, cosmetics, food related products, pharmaceutics, such as REACH of EU, regulations on new chemical substance environmental management and pesticidesregistration in China, etc. With a team of highly qualified experts, we are dedicated to providing fast, efficient and professional services to our customers. We have provided compliance services to nearly 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals, pesticides and food contact materials globally, and enhanced value for our clients, has become a well-known chemical regulatory consulting service provider at home and abroad.



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